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All Common Coatings And Lenses On The Market

We offer all of the available coatings and lenses on the market today. Examples of coatings are HC, HMC, HMX/EMI, ANTI BLUE, ICE* (Achromatic Coating), and more. We offer premium products. All of our lenses is of highest quality, comparable to lens products from the most established lens manufacturers in the world.

* ICE is a completely colorless alternative to HMX/EMI. It is a premium coating. Learn more under Coatings & Materials.


No Orders Are Neither Too Small Nor Too Big

As a customer of SiamLens Tech you do not have to worry about how much or how often you give us an order. All order sizes are welcome. We are not differentiating between big and small orders and handle them with the same priority.


Worldwide Shipments – Six Times A Week

Feel comfortable in knowing that we trust your deliveries in the world’s leading delivery services. We use DHL, FedEx and UPS as our standard delivery options. In order to meet the ongoing demand, we are shipping six times a week, worldwide.


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