Bifocal Lenses

Below you find information about our Bifocal Lenses.


BIFOCAL (conventional) This is our conventional bifocal option, still going strong. These come in Flat Top 28 and 35. Flat Top 28 is in index 1.5, 1.6, 1.67. BIFOCAL is also available in Curve Top, index 1.5. All options can be manufactured with additional coatings as well as finishes, all in order to meet your preferences.


BI-FLEXX (without the visual box)

This lens has no lines to it, and thus looks like a progressive or single vision lens. This is unlike the conventional bifocal Flat top or Curve top bifocals, which may appear unaesthetic and old-fashioned. The advantage is not only aesthetics, as the lens itself is 100 % FREE FORM BACKSIDE aspherical with a wider vision field, index and material availability, such as Polarized, transitions, Trivex, Polycarbonate INDEX 1.74, etc.

BI-FLEXX comes in all the indexes.


Many Possible Combinations

See the visual sheet below for the many possible combinations of indexes and materials.

(Click to make sheet larger).Bifocal Lenses Product Compatibility