With design programs at hand, workers are able to calculate and produce all kinds of lenses with high precision. Several newly installed Anti-reflection machines enable you to order many different types of coatings and materials such as HC, HMC, HMX incl. EMI, ANTI BLUE, ICE / Achromatic (colorless).


Basic Coatings

We offer a range of different coatings.

HC stands for Hard Coating and indicates a quality anti-scratch coating without anti-reflection properties.

HMC stands for Hard Multi Coating and indicates a quality anti-scratch coating with anti-reflection properties.

HMX stands for Hard Multi Xtra Coating and indicates a quality anti-scratch coating with anti-reflection properties AND water repellent (hydrophobic) AND oil repellent.


Additional Coatings: Mirror Coating

Mirror reflex has reflective abilities in different color varieties. Mirror reflex comes in 7 colorsGoldSilverBlueRed, GreenOrangeFlash Silver.


Our Dip Coating Line

Have a look at our Hi Tech, Digital, Completely automatic, DIP COATING LINE capable of doing Index Matched Anti Scratch Coating on All Kinds of Lenses:

Our Hi Tech Digital Completely Automatic DIP COATING LINE for Coatings


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