Progressive Lenses

Below you find information about our Freeform Progressive Lenses.


Freeform European Quality

We can provide Freeform Progressive Lenses made by one of Asia’s most modern Free-Form labs. With products and technology originating from Europe, we ensure highest product quality. The progressive products range from basic standard varieties such as ALPHA™, to exclusive varieties such as INSIGNIA™.

Our progressive lenses:

  • ICON
  • OMNI
    • ALPHA

    Office lenses:



    Many Possible Combinations

      See the visual sheet below for the many possible combinations of indexes, coatings and materials.

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      Progressive Lenses


      Below follows more information about our progressive lenses and their specific properties.



      Our top premium progressive lens, which is an absolute tailor-made solution for the patients and their daily activities. As the most up-to-date lens technology, certain angels of the frame are measured in order to tailor INSIGNIA™ for the patient’s individual eyes. This makes INSIGNIA an absolute customized lens product.

      Offering exceptionally wide, clear and seamless vision fields, INSIGNIA™ takes progressive vision to the next level.


      ICON NOTE™ Bestseller

      As a progressive lens in Top Class, ICON NOTE™ is very well suited for a modern, busy lifestyle.

      The lenses bring a uniquely wide focus, especially useful for the usage of digital hardware such as mobile phones, tablets, and the like. The perfect solution for the patients wishing for visual comfort when using their digital devices, but not having to compromise on the average daily visual experience.



      With wide, clear and comfortable field of vision, ICON™ provides a good solution for the more price-conscius patients, still wishing for a premium product. The lens technology is comprehensive (all-round). ICON™ is to this day still concluded in the leading edge of the progressive lens class.


      STEP ONE

      First time user? Consider STEP ONE™!

      STEP ONE™ paves the way successfully for a future progressive usage. It is consequently developed for the best possible first time progressive experience.

      Maximum Add is 1.5.



      Rest assured that the design of OMNI™ brings widest possible field of vision. OMNI™ is a popular progressive lens.



      A more simple design, still fitting in a wide area of application.


      ALPHA™ offers the elementary properties for progressive lenses.


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